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The Lexical Funk!

Daniel has wanted to be a writer ever since he was in elementary school.He has published stories and articles in such magazines as Slipstream, Black Petals, Spindrift, Zygote in my Coffee, and Leading Edge Science Fiction. He has written four books: The Sage and the Scarecrow (a novel), the Lexical Funk (a short story collection), Reejecttion (short story/ essay collection), and The Ghosts of Nagasaki (a novel).

The Funeral (a short story)

In the picture that I have stuck between the pages of the Tao Teh Ching Jennifer is wearing her glasses with thick black plastic frames proudly as a testament to her geekdom. Whenever I think of her, I always think of her with those same thick black frames around her eyes.

It had been almost a year since I saw her last. Still, I could have spotted her anywhere. She didn’t have the long brown hair that went straight down anymore. Her hair was cut short. She hadn’t grown, though—she was still a shrimp, and she still wore those same dorky glasses she’d always worn.


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